Por Jaume Cusó i Barroso de Catalunya.

Since independence has long since ceased to be about four crazy, start being an issue that people talk and more and more people will be assumed as a fact, indeed, a fact necessary. Achieving independence will not be easy, everyone is aware, but is no longer a taboo subject. Even people who previously opposed it as not only feasible but a fact to which we are committed without recourse. People such as former president of the Generalitat, the Right Honourable Jordi Pujol i Solely has had to acknowledge publicly that she is running for opposing arguments, he had always considered this possibility as a matter of reach, and this change has not because the reasons for the independence it has turned the independence thesis, no, the reasons for this change from the Spanish attitude towards Catalonia. Arguments have been continued violations of the agreements signed between the Spanish and Catalan government on the Spanish side, but the most important has been the ruling of the Spanish Constitutional Court against the Statute of Catalonia approved by the people of Catalonia referendum. Also influenced this change in attitude of hostility that some media promote the Madrid press. There is no news that the Madrid press showing a mortally hate to Catalonia, the Catalans and the Catalan language and culture, only to go through the newspaper archives of newspapers such as the ABC monarquicofalangista independence no longer drive it wild with star-shaped tie gentlemen in prestigious business schools and engineering companies in our country, men who support independence with cold accounting figures, not feelings. No longer a group of young hairy with a shirt in the wake of the chest, now impeccably dressed gentlemen with a next generation mobile demonstrate the viability of independence graphs and statistics. Spanish breaches the Constitutional Court and we touch the pocket have convinced people that this independence is not a joke. The Spanish attitude remains the same as always when Spain has been faced with identical situations, disbelief and inability to understand what is happening. And Spain is not the first time facing this situation. Lost all its overseas territories without understanding why, how or why. They continue to not understand even though we talk about events that occurred mostly throughout the nineteenth century.

The day after Independence

What will happen the day after independence?. Well, after the celebrations, because there will be celebrations, people will return to normal life, to work. The defeat of September 11, 1714 should have involved the collapse of this country, fall into apathy, but what
people did was first to bury the dead, and immediately
then open the business even though Barcelona was in ruins and occupied by enemy troops. Probably not much to sell, so it was, the question was to tell the occupants that might have won had not defeated militarily but really, that these people never give up, always rises again. If having been militarily defeated and occupied, with a savage repression that led to the deaths of many and exile much of the country’s elite, people made a statement of intent, not with words but with deeds, that would rise, and it did after the city had been in ruins, with thousands dead and many others forced to flee to avoid suffering the revenge of the occupant, the day after independence should not be different, we must rebuild our economy after getting rid guardianship of a State is thought to disrespect, plunder us and violating the agreements signed without anything happening.


When this matter was raised in Internet forums, leaving aside the comments written in capitals – this is considered a rude gesture to the case on the Internet are seen as cries – to Spanish cyber trolls spew their bile and anti-Catalan pass their ignorance of grammatical rules of the Spanish language – their language, which often have very little respect when they write their opinions in forums, and certainly when they write in any other format – always appear apocalyptic we announce all misfortunes that fall upon us: the expulsion of the EU, leaving the euro, the loss of the Spanish market, the division of Catalan society, etc. First things first. The European Union has been integrating the States arising from failure of other states, we are already inside, not outside and then we will integrate into the EU. I do not deny that there will be tensions, but the Spanish believe that the EU will not give them a campion them?. Not to mention the other EU states likely to be affected directly or indirectly. If Catalonia became independent from Spain the Spanish believe they do not have any responsibility in this matter?. Well, well wrong. I know that the assumption of responsibilities by the Spanish rulers has never been an event that occurred. The Spanish rulers have always believed that they were never guilty of anything. In case of failure of a State is the fault of both parties, and the Spanish government does nothing but make the case for failure to occur. The fear that there is a domino effect on other members of the EU can make the EU more accountable who is in Spain, not only for not having done something to stop it but because their stupidity carpetovetónica typically have done everything possible to cause it. We will not leave the euro to re-integrate shortly thereafter. Having to create its own currency would be foolish if we already have one. Catalonia does not have its own currency since the mid-nineteenth century, when Spain was a unification of the entire system by creating a peseta. This is so important is the work of a Catalan origin minister addressed the creation of a unified monetary system for the entire state. The Minister of Finance born in Calaf, Laureano Figuerola was the creator of the monetary system that had unified Spanish peseta as its currency. But more surprising is that the name peseta has its origins in a Catalan currency earlier in the century, a currency called PECET, which struck in Barcelona in 1808. The division of Catalan society if it can be a real problem, especially when exploited by political parties and several Spanish media groups. No doubt the new situation created implies that there are people who decide to leave Catalonia by the most diverse reasons, especially not being comfortable with the new situation. Let’s be frank, in Catalonia now has plenty of people, if they are those who do not feel comfortable living in an independent Catalonia all stand to gain, nor think they are many, many fewer than some doomsday. In Castilian say that the enemy on the run is due to a silver bridge, that is, who is not comfortable it should facilitate progress. Spanish political parties are just those who do fly the Phantom of the division, oddly attributed some parties represented are not really as they make the trap of attributing the representation of people you do not know are saying that Despite living in our country do not vote or say anything. Many Catalans have a part of our genes come from outside Catalonia, but the independence is a growing feeling among those who have both Catalan and Spanish surnames. Catalan feeling goes beyond whether you were born in the district of Les Corts (a suburb of the city of Barcelona which was an independent municipality with the name of Les Corts Sarrià) and who speak, or anywhere else in the world . In Spain they do not understand that the names are a legacy that we identify with others but we who decide to tie ourselves to one country or another. This country has been the addition of people from around the world, we have nothing to almost all the peoples of old have trod this country. There is nothing surnamed Catalan Catalan Catalan feel, and there are people being blooded Catalan surnames despise the country. And people might say well-known names with names many Catalans who now stand to make big demonstrations of hatred Spanish and Catalan, but it is very bad note, it says the sin but not the sinner. One fear I think we can rule out is that of a military intervention to restore what they believe to be the current laws, his, not ours. And we have to rule that the EU would not tolerate one of its members began to drop bombs on the civilian population of a territory that they believe him, and it is also part of the EU. Although I have serious doubts about the mental integrity of the Spanish rulers and perhaps your first thought is to send tanks into the Plaza Sant Jaume, for once, once of which there are not many precedents in Spanish history, design, view, the logic and reason should impose carpetovetónico instinct that traditionally drives the Spanish rulers to fix everything with guns and not to the brain. And not because they wanted to, is that this would imply a total rupture between the two countries, assuming that achieved its desire to impose our force by the consequences would be an emotional break with Spain total. Even those who are still hesitant or do not want to side with no choice in the hope that the situation can be renewed only end up with these people assuming there’s nothing to do. You can follow the model of Czechoslovakia, from pears without a single pipeline and maintaining relationships or the Yugoslav model. The Czech model I like more. A government not serious and not very friendly future government of Catalonia signed agreements must be honored. And the Spanish socialist government not only complies with the agreements signed with the Catalan government but openly said that so far no plan to meet the financing agreements with the Government, that doing so will be in 2013 and that the agreed figure and can forget. Whereas in a year is unlikely to govern the Spanish Socialists (Jacobin), and most likely govern the CP (central), the party that filed the bulk of the action against the Statute of Catalonia, we can assume that we have very hairy. The Socialists have already made clear that they do not intend to keep the agreements they signed, and I do not think PP is deemed bound by the socialist government agreements, but what do those who signed what obligation they have to do-what ?. We have it raw with these people. We can not trust some and we can not expect anything good of others. If the PP gets an absolute majority and imagining that we can go try to re-centralize the powers of the state, have said many times, a fact that the government would create friction between Catalan and Spanish. And no doubt they have won the media battle for Spain, but we can win the war without firing a single shot, with reason, not always the most screams and gains more aggressively, we can win with reason. We should not fear because we can not be bombed.

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