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Libertarians, socialists, capitalists, and other wildlife thinkers, always navigate around the concept and implications of private property, its legitimacy, its natural values and other complex theories, its abolition or its need, or the semantic differences with terms like possession or enjoyment.
I would like to put my two cents, if I may do so, from a practical and understandable perspective, away from the [undoubtedly inherent] ethical and philosophical aspects of the concept.
Once upon a time, a millennium or so, farmer Uwe had a beautiful meadow, which was so splendid that farmers everywhere admired it. Each spring his cherry trees were the first to burst into bloom and by mid-summer, the branches were heavily bent with their ripe crimson fruits. The most beautiful part of the field wrapped his dwelling, a small wooden house decorated with lots of flowers, which his wife Wulfila lovingly cultivated.
From his prairie you…

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